Thomas Edison; 'The man who gave the world the electric light, the phonograph and talking motion pictures was not only the world’s greatest inventor, but also able to exploit the profit potential in his creations. As a combination of inventive genius and entrepreneurial flair, he stands alone'.

Entrepreneurship has never been more important than today. Current complex and insecure economic environments need individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset, not just in terms of new business start-ups but also for employees.

Research shows that young people with entrepreneurial experience during their education are not only more likely to start their own business, but are employed faster too.

Successful ‘entrepreneurial learning’ strategies from Spain and Austria were used as source of inspiration and learning. In addition to this, there was a particular focus on the language needs of the modern labour market by supporting language learning in the workplace through the methodology of  Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) delivered by the Italian partner.

These successful experiences were transferred to the national VET-Associations in The Netherlands, UK and Ireland, all of them having the perfect position to develop an 'Entrepreneurial learning pathway' in VET on a national scale. One that encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of students and meets the requirements of the current labour market.

What is Entrepreneurial teaching about?
To be entrepreneurial is to take action when you see opportunities and be prepared to take risks to exploit those opportunities. You are willing to work outside the usual boundaries. Entrepreneurship is about exploration with some risks, to create added value. It is about turning good ideas into action, turning concepts into reality and cementing new ideas into successful innovation.
We are delighted, therefore, that you are taking this opportunity to facilitate fellow teachers and others to be more entrepreneurial. Welcome to the world of being entrepreneurial—a new way of looking at life as opportunity. This Edison Training Programme has entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking at its core.

What is the content of the Edison program?
Edison comprises of 4 Modules, all divided into an online part and a face-to-face part:

  1. Exploring Entrepreneurship

  2. How Entrepreneurial Are You?

  3. Experimenting with Entrepreneurial Attitudes and Skills

  4. Entrepreneurship – Thinking with Your Hands and Thinking Outside the Box!

The programme is based on a blended learning format, where all the parts interact consistently.

  1. Face-to-face workshops

  2. Online activities

  3. Personal Learning Portfolio(PLP)

Self-assessment and evaluation
As part of the self-assessment process of the Edison Programme you are required to create a compact, strategically organised Personal Learning Portfolio that tracks your learning and the application of your learning in meaningful contexts. It is a reflective process and should include qualitative data that clearly reflects the dynamic nature of your learning.

An evaluation process is embedded in the Programme and we ask that you take your time to complete the various questionnaires as it will help us to shape the final Programme. However, we are also very happy to receive your comments, observations and feedback.

Curious about your own state of entrepreneurship?
Please use the Edison app on the homepage under ‘How entrepreneurial are you’ to measure your own entrepreneurship. To view your entrepreneurship on your smartphone, please go to